Electrical Solutions

We can present you with a wide array of electrical solutions. From the installation of earth electrodes to ELV installations and electrical fault detection solutions. 

Earth Electrodes 

We can install earth electrode conductors that are designed to keep you and your home safe from electrical current exposure.

ELV Systems

We can present you with a choice of high-quality ELV systems in your building for added security and better control.

Fault Detection

Through our services, you can benefit from fault detection solutions designed to find any issues in your electrical system. 

Electrical Alterations

We can provide you with electrical wiring alterations for many commercial and residential buildings. 

 24H Emergency Services 

We can present you with a choice of maintenance, services and repairs on several electrical issues which you might encounter. Our team at DB Installation Services is made up of fully qualified and fully licensed electricians that will present you with individual advice depending on your needs.